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Zakat is an act of worship we perform with the wealth Allah has blessed us with. It is a religious duty which cleans away impurities from our provision and ensures excess wealth is distributed among those in need. Zakat is an obligation upon any Muslim who has reached puberty, is sane, and has above the minimum required amount of wealth (Nisab). It requires giving a calculated amount (usually 2.5% of Zakatable assets) to the poor and needy.
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Calculate and Pay Your Zakat Using the Latest Nisab Values.

Giving Zakat is obligatory for all eligible Muslims and is based on the current nisab values. These can vary year to year, which makes knowing how much to pay quite difficult. To make it as easy as possible to pay zakat online, we have built a Zakat Calculator to simplify the process for you.

Simply choose whether you are basing your nisab values on gold or silver, then enter your figures on possessions, assets and cash to determine your payable zakat for the lunar year.

Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year in the boxes below

The Current Value of Nisab is:
Gold £3,306.00
Silver £244.00

Guidance on weight:
Nisab in tola = 7.5 tola

Gold & Silver


Business Assets


Total Assets

In order to pay Zakat it must reach the Nisab threshold for a full lunar year.
Calculation of Zakat threshold based on two values:

  1. 87.48g of gold at current market
  2. 612.36g of silver.

Your Zakat contributes improving lives’ quality through providing water, food, health and
education for poor people. Please donate your Zakat with African Relief Fund to restore
hope and spread smiles on vulnerable families’ faces.

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