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Before introducing modern health facilities in Somalia since 1960s, local communities were relaying on traditional midwives who were in many cases practicing unprofessional and un-hygienic ways of gynecological operations including midwifery. During the civil war, most of the heath facilities were destroyed and health personnel become idle or moved abroad. The untrained midwifes filled the gab and old practices of midwifery emerged again. ARF departing from this unacceptable way of midwifery. We have initiated and implemented health-training courses for midwifes to reduce high maternal mortality rates (MMR) in remote areas. The project improved midwifery practices and saved many lives
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With your donation, African Relief Fund can implement the following interventions to improve mothers and babies lives in Somalia.

We Train and educate more female healthcare workers within the community in order to:

  • Identify high risk pregnancy by doing basic checks and being able to refer to them if needed.
  • Provide education to expecting mothers.

We train birth attendance or midwives in order to:

  • Provide antenatal care and post-partum visits.
  • Increase the number of skilled birth attendance present at births

Mobile clinics

The many disasters in the region have led to the decline in healthcare. At ARF, we deliver medical aids to the impoverished people with medical needs by organizing medical clinics. Our clinics have helped treat diseases in the region such as Malaria, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Gastritis, Nutritional disorders, Diarrhea and Liver Cirrhosis

Dental Projects

Description Somalia in general is one of the poorest countries in the world and it has an extremely weak health system. Dental problem is a common health issue generally in Somalia particularly with children at school ages.

African Relief Fund has 18 years of field experience in working with less fortunate people in East African. ARF has successfully implemented various dental projects in schools and remote areas.

Eye Surgery

In Somalia, blindness is a major public health problem, with on-going civil conflict and limited access to health services resulting in the chronic deterioration of the population’s eye health. Indirect health indicators suggest that nutritional and communicable disease related health problems are still the leading causes of mortality and morbidity across Somalia; the estimated prevalence of blindness is 1.4%, accounting for around 151,200 people. Major causes of blindness within Somalia include corneal opacity, refractive errors and glaucoma; however, the most prevalent cause is cataracts – accounting for over 55% of all cases. The Cataract Surgical Rate (CSR) is low, at 284 for every million of the population. As eye care services have remained underdeveloped due to civil war, only a limited number of locations offer access to NGO run eye health care services. The national program for the prevention of blindness is in its primitive stages, and primary eye care is not yet integrated within primary health care. Practically in Somalia, majority eye health care services are carried out through NGO organizations within eye camps, and there is an urgent need to develop human resources to support these.

African Relief Fund has successfully completed several eye surgery clinics aimed at giving hundreds of Somalis back their sight in different parts in the country

The Eye surgery projects aimed to:

  1. Provide high volume, high-quality sight-restoring cataract surgeries.
  2. Reduce blindness-related poverty and eliminate reliance to others.
  3. Improve eye health and wellbeing of the community.

Raise awareness among the community to take appropriate precautions in preventing eye related health problems

    Healthcare (monthly)

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