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Gabiley is located 58 km west of Hargeisa. Landform is generally plain and undulates in some areas. Topography is typically extended from the coastal range called Ogo, which is highland and receives comparatively the highest rainfall in Somaliland.
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The most important source of livelihoods in Gabiley District is agriculture production and livestock rearing. The district is also the most important agricultural area in western Somaliland. The Food and Agriculture Organization’s State of Somaliland Crop Production Assessment report shows that Gabiley District alone produces 66 percent of the total cereals grown in Borama, Baki, Hargeisa, and Gabiley Districts.


 Aim of the project:

The project aims at applying the principles of protecting humanity and lifting the hardship whereby the project will increase crop yields by supporting farmers with tractors, greenhouses, fertilisers and training farmers with modern farming techniques.  African Relief Fund will implement the project with Tima-Ade University where the agricultural college students will gain practical skills through this project.  


Specific objectives:   

  • Raise the production of agricultural crops in Gabiley and the whole country.
  • Improve the income of the poor farmer’s households.
  • Create job opportunities for the unemployed People and utilize their potentials.
  • Introducing new farming techniques in the region.
  • Well trained agricultural students will graduate from the university.


Importance of the project:

Farming is a good way for villagers to feed themselves and to get out of poverty.  The biggest problem is that this requires hard manual labour.  At the break of dawn men will go to the fields and spend all day preparing the fields and the luckiest ones use ox for filed ploughing.  This takes many days to complete.  This work is done but the hard-labour limits the size of the field and the crop.

Gabiley Farming project will provide farmers techniques and knowledge they need to multiply the crop yield many times by using tractors, environmentally friendly fertilisers, greenhouses, training and providing high quality seeds.

“So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone].”


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We provide hot, cooked nutritious food based on local cuisines to vulnerable people through community kitchens and local community distributions.

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Each pack contains a month’s supply of food items for a family of 5 including staple items such as rice, bread, long life milk, tinned food, oil and sugar. Each pack designed to local diets.

Global emergencies

We provide emergency lifesaving food packs in response to global emergencies where people have been impacted, homes have been destroyed, supply of food have been affected or prices have steeply risen.

Community feeding

We partner with organisations and institutions to support hot nutritious meals where community gatherings are taking place ensuring far effective and efficient reach of our distribution.


We work to provide sustainable long-term food solutions for communities in need, by providing tools and training in agricultural practices and techniques allowing women and girls within those communities to build their own sustainable futures.


We also distribute fresh meat during Qurbani to offer a vital protein source for malnourished families.

By supporting Global One, you’ll be helping to feed families and fight food poverty, ensuring less people are going to bed each night on an empty stomach. 

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