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Gedo Region, the second largest region in Somalia, lies on the Somalia borders with Ethiopia and Kenya, and shares borders with four Somali regions of Bay, Bakool, Middle Jubba and Lower Jubba. It has an estimated total population of about half a million. This project will benefit directly or indirectly all residents of Garbahaarray and surrounding villages, which lack any kind of technical education. The population of Garbahaarray and surrounding area is estimated over hundred thousand inhabitants.
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The Development of infrastructural in any part of the world is solely dependent on the technical skills of the populace. It is the intention of this project to vest the populace of these regions to stand toll and amass critical knowledge and skills to the understanding of technical capabilities and skilled labour to enhance the regional growth.

As a nation, as a region, and as a people, the need for skilled labour is become a necessity and this is only enabled when technical skills are enhanced.  In summary, this project seeks to address the following:

  • To enable sound and empowered manpower within the region
  • To improve on economy of the region.
  • To address the challenge provision of technical labour
  • To address and improve the populace productivity
  • To align the technical industrial requirements with the labour availability
  • To provide a technical lead in solving the community and national technical problems
  • To reduce the cost of technical labour within the region as most technicians are imported
  • To provide a sense of engagement thus reducing the idle time which turns to be risky as the youths can manage these idle times unproductively
  • To enhance literacy levels
  • To provide a conducive environment that encourages good manner of economic development
  • Security of goods and people.

As the clock of time is ticking, the education and proper engagement of the youths of these regions are becoming very important. A reduction in idle time and proper time utilization is a sure way to reduce the volatility of the regions and properly put some great sense that will change the thinking of the society at large.  

The proposal is trying to reduce the gap of technical knowledge and the illiteracy levels which further have been complicating the security and regional development.

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